Have you ever wanted someone to work around the clock for you?  I ensure that I am monitoring the new homes coming onto the market every day so I will be among the first to get new information. I also maintain a network of contacts that enable me to know about homes that are available for sale, but are not yet listed for sale to the general public.

I could already know about the home you are looking for, and all you need to do is contact me. Let me do the work for you! 

I Do All the Work
With my Buyer Search Service, you get the information you want with no pressure or telephone calls from a sales agent.

First, you define exactly what you want. Then, every day my computer program searches through every home listed by every real estate company in the Fraser Valley and selects the ones that might interest you.

The new listings will be emailed you when they appear, and the ones you've already seen will be stored for you.

Because my programs are linked online to the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, you'll know about new listings the same day they are entered into the Multiple Listing Service. This is often 4 to 7 days before other buyers know about these homes and a week or more before these homes are advertised or held open.

All My Services Are Free
All of my services are free. The seller pays my fees if you buy a home. If you look at homes for a while and decide not to buy, that's fine. There is never any pressure or obligation.

You Decide Which Homes You Want To See - At Your Convenience
You're totally in the driver's seat. When I send you information about new listings coming onto the market, you can review it at your convenience. You can contact me to get more details for specific properties, or you can drive by the properties to further investigate them. You decide when to call me, and you decide when you'd like to arrange a showing. I will be ready to help you.

I Can Help You Find The Best Home Loan
There are many different ways to finance a home, and we will discuss ALL of the options available to you. You probably have a lot more options than you realize. And of course, all consultations with us are free of charge.

No Obligation
With the aid of technology I'm able to spend my time efficiently helping people who request my expertise, rather than trying to sell people something they may or may not want, like other real estate salespeople do.

In fact, I am not sales person, I am a real estate consultant. When you need my help or advice, all you need to do is call. I will never try to sell you anything - ever!

Sign Up Now
If you would like to be on our free, no obligation Buyer Search Program just give us a call. I am here for one reason - to help you find the perfect home at the very best price and terms.

Contact me right now and we’ll get you set up on our Buyer Search Program

Let me give you the results you want.

Robert McLean

Cell: 604-347-8831
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