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Mortgage Quick Tip: Monoline Lenders

Blog by Robert McLean | January 29th, 2020

Did you know that when it comes time to choosing the best mortgage for your home purchase, your Mortgage Broker may present you with options from a monoline lender such as MCAP, First National or Street Capital?

Monoline lenders are loan company that only focus on mortgage loans.  What differentiates them from banks and trust companies is that monolines do not have expensive storefront locations and this reduction in overhead allows them to offer reduced rates.  Although the lowest mortgage rate is not always as important as choosing the right mortgage product for your needs, having access to these monoline lenders through a Mortgage Broker gives you some very attractive alternatives to the big banks

If you have any questions about monoline lenders or mortgages in general, feel free to contact me directly and I'll do my best to help

Robert McLean